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We are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation as part of our effort to continue to improve working conditions for the people who make our products.

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Fair Wear Foundation - Picture Organic Clothing

What is the Fair Wear Foundation?

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The Fair Wear Foundation is an organization that works with brands, factories, unions, non-profits, and sometimes even governments to improve workplace conditions for employees in the garment industry.

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Complying with Fair Wear Foundation’s labor standards is the underpinning of our partnership with the foundation and every factory.

Fair Wear Foundation - Picture Organic Clothing

100%of our factories participate in FWF’s program to improve labor conditions

84%of our production volume is made in just 2 factories we have been working with since Picture started in 2008

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Every year, FWF conducts an audit on our purchasing practices, our relationships with factories, and on our ability to implement initiatives that benefit workers.

Participating in FWF’s program requires thorough knowledge of how every factory works from HR policies to how many toilets the factory has. From this knowledge, we can continuously improve and ensure compliance with the foundation’s labor standards.

In 2019, 100% of the factories we work with participate in FWF’s program to improve labor conditions in the garment industry, and 84% of our production volume currently goes through audits. We are striving for 100% between now and 2022.

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Fair Wear Foundation - Picture Organic Clothing

Our due diligence with factories

Basically, something similar to a vetting process (like for politicians)

While there are thousands of factories out there in the world, finding and working with a new factory is NOT easy. Here at Picture, we take serious time and effort to go through a due diligence process with every potential factory. This process includes:

  • A risk assessment

  • Looking at the energy situation of the country & factory

  • The current social policies at the factory, if any

  • Reading through other external audits and reports. After gathering & analyzing all this info, we make the choice to add them to our supply chain.

A telephone hotline

In every factory, information sheets are posted with a number and worker’s rights. Check them out here.

Working Sheet Fair Wear Foundation - Picture Organic Clothing
Working Sheet Fair Wear Foundation - Picture Organic Clothing
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We are seriously committed to helping improve the lives of those who work in the garment industry.


We do not own the factories that make our products, and the supply chain often consists of a complex network of providers. However, we have the necessary experience and expertise to continue moving in the right direction.