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Working at Picture offers the chance to make a real difference by being a part of our ongoing mission and commitment to the environment.


A responsible company, activist employees

Cebazat Headquarters - Picture Organic Clothing

Picture in 2021

65 employees36 women and 29 men

2 office buildingsin France, one in Cébazat and one in Annecy-le-Vieux

Far from marketing hype, responsible policies implemented within the company concern a relatively small number of people. Every employee is different and brings with them their own unique experience, way of working, and ideas towards the common goal of reducing our impact.

Our new headquarters is now finished: 100% powered by low carbon energies, rainwater harvesting, green roof, electric charging stations, garden, vegetable garden, music instruments and even a skatepark!

Cebazat headquarters - Picture Organic Clothing

In 2018, we celebrated our 10th anniversary!

10 years!

Way back in 2008, Julien, Jérémy, and Vincent, Picture’s 3 co-founders, followed through with their crazy idea of launching a truly environmentally and socially responsible clothing brand.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we put together a short video that reflects who we are and what we experience day-in and day-out at the office.

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Precious plastic

Company culture - Picture Organic Clothing

We built our own plastic-recycling machine.

Our inspiration comes from Precious Plastic, a project run by Dave Hakkens. This Dutch environmental engineer designs and builds low-tech machines for recycling plastic.

After shredding the plastic, we melt it and then inject it into a mold. The plastic cools quickly in the mold and takes the desired shape. That’s it! No more mass production of useless event goodies!

Picture Organic Clothing
Picture Organic Clothing
Picture Organic Clothing

At present, several Picture Stores now feature recycled furnishings and decorations made with Precious Plastic machines. Polypropylene waste from manufacturing was recycled to create different types of decorative panels.

Picture Organic Clothing shop
Picture Organic Clothing shop

In addition, Precious Plastic provides us with a great way to recycle plastic waste generated within the company, such as plastic wrapping used for pallets and polybags to protect products for shipping. Made with LDPE plastic, we are able to recycle them into the banners for our trade show booths.

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