Climate Action & Maximum Transparency

We need you all in this journey : people from the community, partners, stakeholders and brands. Join us!

  • Using business as a force for good

    As a company, what exactly is our role in the fight against climate change?

    Using business as a force for good
  • Materials, durability & sobriety

    The traditional way to make a snow jacket requires petroleum extraction. However, other solutions do exist.

    Materials, durability & sobriety
  • Production & CO<sub>2</sub> emissions

    When tracing the carbon in the textile industry, we found that choosing the right energy sources is the #1 priority to improve the carbon intensity of our products.

    Production & CO<sub>2</sub> emissions
  • Made in France?

    Why don’t we make most of our products in France? What conditions would allow us to do so?

    Made in France?
  • Fair Wear Foundation

    We are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation as part of our effort to continue to improve working conditions for the people who make our products.

    Fair Wear Foundation
  • Packaging policy

    We package more than 500,000 products that need to be shipped, checked though customs, protected against moisture and dust, stocked, and then delivered. We’ve got solutions that limit our impact as much as possible.

    Packaging policy
  • Company culture

    Working at Picture offers the chance to make a real difference by being a part of our ongoing mission and commitment to the environment.

    Company culture
  • Suppliers

    Where are our products made? Who makes them? Learn more about all of the factories we work with.

  • Picture Family

    Athletes in the Picture Family reflect the essence of the brand. They spread a message that invites us to dream as well as to take a stand and act.

    Picture Family
  • I Made Your Clothes

    We support the Fashion Revolution movement to promote greater transparency within the garment industry.

    I Made Your Clothes
  • Positive impact

    We redistribute the resources generated by our business to support environmental and humanitarian causes that we believe in.

    Positive impact
  • Earth boundaries

    Available soon

    Earth boundaries